Posted on August 30, 2019

Kevin's Restaurant: Fine Dining at Its Finest

It’s Friday night and you’re hungry. But after a long day on the job, who wants to cook? You know what would be good right now is a nice night out at a restaurant. But what kind of restaurant? Sure, you can go to the local pizzeria and have a couple of slices. But what about having a fine dining experience instead?

What is Fine Dining?

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’ve probably read that Kevin’s is a fine dining restaurant. And we’re not the only one – in fact, the majority of restaurants in the Friedman Properties Management group are fine dining establishments. But what makes our restaurant stand out? How does one define this type of dining, anyway?

A fine dining restaurant is at the top of the food chain of restaurant types (no pun intended). The term refers to a restaurant that has a formal, upscale environment with a unique menu that you would probably not find at a casual dining restaurant.

The customer service at a high-end restaurant is much different than casual dining. Your attentive wait staff will go above and beyond to serve you. They can explain each of the menu items and even suggest what wine pairs with each dish.

Speaking of the food, expect something a bit out of the ordinary. Sure you might be getting a really great cheeseburger – but the ingredients and recipes you find at a fine dining establishment are not going to be what you would find at the local diner. For example, here at Kevin’s, you can not only get a great ribeye but we also have our hugely popular Birch and Bourbon Duck – a duck breast that is served with confit duck leg, fingerling potatoes and the veggie of the day. Yum!

Modern Day

Of course, when you imagine fine dining, thoughts of well-dressed diners, white linen tablecloths, and servers in tuxedos probably come to mind. But in this day and age, that is far from the truth. Just take a look at Kevin’s! We are proud to give you top-notch food and liquor in a unique environment that makes you feel like you’re at a New York City hotspot.

Remember, when it comes to this type of dining, it’s all about the experience and food. You want the best customer service, the highest quality of ingredients, and a night that you won’t soon forget!

So why don’t you treat yourself this evening and make a reservation today at Kevin’s? We would love to see you!