Posted on October 27, 2020

Buck A Shuck: Oyster Tuesdays at Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant

For hundreds of years, people have consumed oysters — though they were not always a delicacy. According to Great Ecology, oyster production was at its highest between 1880 and 1910, producing over 160 million pounds annually and allowing for oysters to be available almost anywhere. Nowadays, that production number is much lower, making oysters somewhat of a treat in some regions. At Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant, we offer our patrons the opportunity to enjoy oysters for only $1 an oyster every Tuesday at our Buck A Shuck night.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve offered a variety of oysters such as Blackberry Point oysters from Heathsville, Virginia, Great White oysters from Cape Cod, and Blue Point oysters from Connecticut. Each type of oyster’s size, shape, and flavor are dependent upon where they bed. The temperature, salinity, and condition of the water are all crucial to producing certain oysters. But what journey do they make before ending up on your plate?

Oyster Farming and Harvesting

When harvesting oysters from the wild, there are two techniques that are used. If someone is gathering a small batch of oysters, they use a rake and collect oysters from their bed by hand. However, if it’s a larger harvest, they may use a dredging technique. This process utilizes a device that scrapes along the seafloor and scoops up the oysters, allowing them to be sorted later.

Unlike harvested oysters, farmed oysters grow in large floating baskets that mimic an oyster bed. When they are mature, they are simply collected. Both ways of producing oysters take some time but when is the best time to eat oysters? Kevin’s has the answer.

Oyster Season – Oyster Tuesdays

Contrary to popular belief, oysters are not a summer food and are actually best during the cooler months. There’s an old saying that they should only be consumed in months that have an “r”, or September through April, meaning that you should avoid them during the hot summer months. The reasoning behind this is that the warmer weather increases the risk of a certain, and dangerous, bacteria.

Buck A Shuck Night

As we make our way through the first few months of oyster season, Kevin’s Bar and Restaurant is proud to offer fresh and flavorful oysters, all at only $1 a piece. We also serve a variety of other seafood on our appetizer menu such as fried oysters, fried calamari, and grilled Spanish octopus. When it comes to entrees, we offer grilled Jail Island salmon and shrimp & scallop sambuca. No matter your choice, Kevin’s will provide you with an experience like no other. Make your reservation today! We look forward to serving you.