Posted on February 15, 2022

Why Are Charcuterie Boards Perfect Appetizers?

When you go into any restaurant, it can be a struggle to get one starter for the table. Everyone has different tastes, and not everything goes well with the meal everyone plans to eat. One solution could be for everyone to get different starters, which sometimes fills a table with food that goes unfinished and wasted. When you have big groups or want something personal to share with whoever you’re with, you want an appetizer that matches everyone’s tastes. We have the perfect option: our charcuterie board.

Charcuterie isn’t a food, so much as a collection of foods, across different food groups. We offer so many options in one starter that it should be almost impossible for someone to have nothing to eat. All on one plate, there are several types of meat, cheese pieces, vegetables, fruits, and pieces of bread for everyone to enjoy. Our charcuterie board specifically has:

  • NY Old Chatham Creamery three milk gouda
  • Chevre black waxed cheddar
  • Manchego
  • Piave
  • Serrano ham
  • Salami
  • Prosciutto
  • Grapes
  • Dried figs
  • Cherries
  • Mini toasts
  • Sour cherry preserve

It is a selection to cover almost anyone’s palate. You can choose a charcuterie board as a starter during every visit to Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant.

There’s Something for Everyone

The best thing about our charcuterie board is its many options to make sure that all diets are welcome. There are meats like serrano ham, prosciutto, and salami for anyone with a protein diet; there are cheeses like cheddar and gouda for vegetarians; we also have fruits and vegetables for vegans like grapes and cherries. Everyone can have bread, like our mini toasts. No one will be left starving as they wait for their entree to come with this starter.

Offers All the Major Food Groups

For health nuts and anyone who needs to keep track of what kind of foods they eat, this is also the perfect starter. We separate each of the types of food into its own groupings. This allows you to pace yourself, track what you’re eating, make sure you’re not eating something you’re not supposed to, and allows you to share with everyone else. 

  • Fruit and vegetables: Grapes, dried figs, cherries, sour cherry preserve
  • Starches: Mini toasts
  • Dairy: NY Old Chatham Creamery three milk gouda, chevre black waxed cheddar, manchego, piave
  • Protein: Serrano ham, salami, prosciutto

History of Charcuterie

Charcuterie is actually French for “cured meat.” Over time, it began to stand for a collection of foods as more than just meat was added to charcuterie boards around the world. This style of food presentation comes from the 15th Century when people would not let any meat go to waste. Anything that was left over would be on the charcuterie board. This was obviously before refrigeration, when every bit of food and meat mattered, so having a new way to present and incentivize people to eat leftovers made the charcuterie starter a genius in design.

Get a Charcuterie Board For Your Friends and Family at Kevin’s

Never see a friend go without their appetizer again with a charcuterie board. You can share with anyone, and all have plenty to eat as you wait for your meal. For a reservation, contact us or make one online. Reservations for outdoor dining in our igloos are available separate from indoor reservations.