Posted on August 22, 2019

Even Fine Dining Calls for Bacon!

The pop. The crack. The sizzle. Who doesn’t like the deliciousness that is bacon? Crispy or a little burnt (yes, people like that!), bacon can be the perfect ingredient to any dish, even a dish one would find in a fine dining establishment.

Before we jump into the frying pan, we all know that bacon is the staple of many favorite breakfast dishes. Whether it’s served as a side with your eggs, inside your omelet, or as the crunch on your breakfast sandwich, this savory treat is integral to American breakfast culture.

Not only is it a staple of your favorite breakfast, but bacon can accompany a greasy double cheeseburger and fries, while also being crumbled into your favorite salad. The possibilities are endless, and you may be surprised by the fine dining dishes in which bacon can be used as an ingredient. While we at Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant can’t take the credit for these masterpieces, we wanted to shed some light on a few incredible fine dining bacon ideas.

Bacon and a Surprising Gourmet Breakfast Dish

What a better way to start the day than doughnuts? Bacon can be used as a gourmet ingredient in decadent doughnuts in fine dining restaurants. Wait, how are doughnuts considered fine dining? Hold on, how are doughnuts being served at fine dining restaurants? Believe it or not, it is a thing! And unlike your boring doughnut chain from down the street, these are thoughtfully prepared with fresh ingredients and lots of creativity. Some gourmet doughnuts are even made with bacon right in the batter or crumbled on top as an elegant garnish. This article from Toast perfectly explains gourmet doughnuts as part of the restaurant trend.

Bacon and Sandwiches – A Match Made in Heaven

Now, most people who go out to eat at a fine dining establishment aren’t necessarily thinking about sandwiches, let alone bacon. However, there are many takes one can have when crafting a sandwich of the fine-dining variety.

Let’s think about the broad topic that is sandwiches for a moment. You have so many different options, like crab cake sliders to Porchetta with a little bit of relish on a brioche bun. You can have different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches with a variety of breads and cheeses at your disposal. Then you have the is-the-burger-a-sandwich debate. If the answer is yes, you have blown the kitchen door wide open with sandwich options.

Now, just imagine all of these alternatives with bacon! Better, right? Classier restaurants just don’t serve bacon to their patrons right onto the plate; they creatively incorporate and infuse it into many of their signature sandwiches.

Dinner is All About Bacon!

You think bacon at breakfast has vast options? Well, think again! Dinner is all about the bacon, or, should we say, dinner is wrapped in all the bacon. Filet mignon is great on its own, but when you envelop the best cut of steak in crispy bacon, you have a divine meal just waiting to be devoured. That goes for all types of main entrees that are meat-based. Chicken breast and a variety of pork options can be served (and some would argue, are better) wrapped in bacon.

What About Cocktails?

When we think about bacon and cocktails, we don’t think about bacon-infused vodka (or do we?) We think about the Bloody Mary and the garnish that usually accompanies it.

A popular twist on that garnish is bacon! A Bloody Mary typically is had by those suffering a hangover during brunch at a usually-nice restaurant on Saturday or Sunday late in the morning or early afternoon. Besides tasting good, it can help cure hangovers by boosting the level of amines, which clears the head.

Fine Dining at Kevin’s

Want to see a gourmet bacon item on our menu? Let us know your thoughts! In the meantime, if you like bacon, you’ll love our Grilled Prime Bone-In Pork Chop. Make your reservation at Kevin’s today, and get ready for one-of-a-kind food you won’t soon forget! You can make reservations online or by phone: 570-285-3071.