Posted on August 31, 2022

What Makes for Excellent Entrées?

The main dish is always one of the most talked about courses. This is the part of the dinner that everyone can’t wait to have. Although one may order too many appetizers, you always make sure to save room for your main meal. Anything can be an entrée; it’s all about the perspective, portions, and the person.

Did you ever wonder where the term entrée came from? It originated in France at the end of the 19th century. In France, they serve their entrée in between the fish and the roast. Fish is known to be a lighter dish than roast beef, which is heavier. As modern-day culture began to evolve, France cut entrées from their menu. However, the term stuck with Americans and is used to describe our main course. The main dishes are often meat dishes. As time moved on, they became something that can also be a salad or any other meatless dish. This course is now served after your appetizer and salads/soups.

We were curious as to what makes an excellent entrée and the different types there are, so we did further research. Check out what we found!

Portions, People, and Perspectives

You never realize how much detail goes into making a meal. You want to make the meal look just as pleasing before you eat as it will be when you eat it. This is one of the most important details. What one may find aesthetically pleasing, another group may not find so. Putting a lot of detail into your meal makes a difference. Perspectives and portions go hand and hand when you are thinking about people. Everyone likes and dislikes different things.

One of the main points in finding an excellent entree is portion sizes. Meals have gone from being largely portioned to smaller portions through decades. The way people determine if their portion size is good enough is by a perspective. Everyone also likes their food made differently, for example, steaks. Some people enjoy their steaks well done, medium-well, medium rare, or rare. There are so many ways to make a steak, and if your steak is cooked incorrectly, it can change your perspective on the restaurant. With that being said, it’s always good to know a restaurant checks off all the boxes when creating the perfect final dish.

Different Types of Entrées

There are so many different types of entrées out since the new modern-day lifestyle. You are likely to see a variety of things in this section of the menu. These are four entrée categories that you are likely to see on your favorite restaurant’s menu.


When you think of seafood, you think of crab, clams, mussels, fish, shrimp, etc. Seafood is usually seen as a light meal because you don’t get full as fast as you would with meat. The perk of seafood is that it can be paired with other meals, making it heavier when digesting. There are even times that with just the right amount of portion sizing, you will get full-off seafood without having to pair it with a heavier meal.


This is a final course that one may find surprising because it’s just lettuce or spinach. This is where portion size plays a big role in making this an excellent entrée. This is another meal that has to often be paired with meat, cheese, fruits, or vegetables to be of complete fulfillment. With the right portion size and the proper add-ons, this can be an excellent finisher.


This is the most well-known entrée meal. You are likely to see this on a lot of your favorite restaurant menus. There are many different steaks such as filet mignon, New York strip, flat iron, sirloin, brisket, etc. This meaty meal is known for being served alone or with a side of vegetables. Steaks are very filling, which is why they are always going to be a good entrée. It is very unlikely you will find steak as your appetizer.


Pasta is a popular dish. This dish can be paired with things like seafood, chicken, and vegetables. Pasta alone is a very filling meal. Restaurants add other ingredients either for health-related requests or for flavor and aesthetics. There are many forms of pasta. For example, angel hair, bow tie, fettuccine, gnocchi, lasagna, and the list goes on. The variety of pasta styles allows endless flavors.

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