Posted on October 4, 2022

Friday Night Is Date Night at Kevin’s!

People say life is short, but after five straight days of work, each day can feel long. Friday is not just the beginning of the weekend, but a night to reward yourself. It’s nice to stay in and not do anything, but it can be even more enjoyable to finally go out with that special someone in your life and focus on them. At Kevin’s, Friday night has become date night.

Why is Friday Date Night?

What makes Friday the perfect day of the week to go out with your partner? Friday has a few things going for it over any other time in the week. For many people, Sunday through Thursday is a “school night,” so it’s not the best idea to stay out as late as you want to. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll likely have to work the next day. If you find yourself tired from work because you treated yourself the night before, you’re less likely to do so again. Nobody wants that.

But then, why not Saturday? One reason Friday night is perfect for date night is that Friday is when all the stress of the work week is going to come to a head. You’ve finally gotten all of your work done, sent in all your reports, or closed up shop for the week. The best thing to do after letting your shoulders relax is to then detox from the week prior. Saturday is good, but it’s best to get it all out of your system right away so you have the rest of the weekend to enjoy yourself.

Why Have a Date Night?

Outside of the fact that it’s fun to hang out with your partner with no other distractions, there are a lot of reasons to have a date night. Date nights help you and your partner catch up after a long week or even a long month. It’s easy to come home and sit on the couch after work and not say a word to each other. It’s hard to sit across from one person and say nothing to them.

It may sound obvious, but communication is key to all relationships, especially romantic ones. Sometimes to get us to talk about even the banalest things, we have to put time aside and put ourselves in the right place. A nice restaurant and good food create the perfect atmosphere to settle in, get comfortable, and talk about what’s been going on in each other’s life.

It can also feel nice to have a reason to get dressed up without there being some big event to stress about.

What are the Best Meals to Share With Your Partner?

You don’t have to share meals to make dinner feel romantic, but it helps. If you have similar food tastes, we have several starters and entrees that couples can order to share.

  • Shrimp Cocktail: You can both enjoy pieces of shrimp out of the glass at your own pace, munching on this juicy shellfish between conversations.
  • Oysters: Some people have different tastes in shellfish. Oysters are as easy to eat and share as shrimp. They’re quicker to eat and would interrupt your conversation with your partner less.
  • Cheese Board: Maybe you and your partner don’t have similar tastes in food. Our cheese board has so many different cheeses that you’re both bound to have a few that you both like.
  • Steak Frites: These smaller pieces of dry rubbed culotte steak are cut to share with a serving of fries. If you’re both meat eaters, you can order two servings.

Any item on our menu is worth sharing with your partner, but if you want something your partner will want to steal off your plate, check out the rest of our menu.

Make a Reservation for Your Next Date Night at Kevin’s

Don’t put off treating your partner to a special night out. Years from now, when you and your partner are still madly in love, you’ll be glad you took the time to treat each other to a date night. There’s no better place or time than Friday night at Kevin’s restaurant.

But don’t wait, because other couples are having the same idea. Make a reservation to make sure you and your partner have a table to sit at next Friday night.