Posted on December 5, 2019

Get Ready for 2020 With Kevin’s New Year’s Eve Celebration

December may have just started but the countdown to New Year’s Eve has already begun. At Kevin’s, we’re ready to party while supporting a great cause.

This New Year’s Eve, come to Kevin’s and support Volunteers in Medicine as they hold a dance party to support their efforts in providing free medical, dental, and behavioral health services to low-income families living in Luzerne County. Donations can be made at the door. DJ Ryan Kenton Hertel will be here dropping the best beats until 2 am. 

Now that we have your New Year’s Eve planned, let’s take a tour of how the holiday is spent around the world. 

Take a bite out of this New Year’s Eve

Like most holidays, food is a large part of the tradition. But did you know what you eat on New Year’s Eve can bring you luck? 

In Poland, your midnight celebration will include a serving of pickled herring. Those who partake believe it will bring prosperity and bounty in the year to come. 

Prefer something sweeter? Take a dish from Germany and share a jam or liquor-filled, doughnuts called “pfannkuchen.” But be careful, sometimes a practical jokester may fill your treat with mustard instead of jam, giving you bad luck for the new year. 

Why celebrate one night when you can party for days?

Do you wish the New Year’s festivities lasted a little longer? Get your passport ready because we have some parties for you. 

In Nigeria, the celebration lasts 20 days. Meant to symbolize good luck and ward away evil, party goers will be dressed in animal masks and perform elaborate dances in the street. 

Twenty days may be a bit excessive. But 3 days is manageable. In Zimbabwe you can attend the 3-day carnival at Jameson Vic Falls

Plenty of travels

Wishing for a year full of adventure? You may want to adopt the Colombian tradition of carrying empty suitcases around the block.

Not feeling up to the walk? Then cast your wishes into molten tin into a container of water. The Finnish believe that the shape the metal takes will represent your new year: a heart or ring shape means a wedding in the New Year; a ship forecasts travel; and a pig shape signifies plenty of food.

Ready to Party This New Year’s Eve?

Grab a seat at Kevin’s! Online reservations for same-day dinner service must be received before 4 p.m. In order to book a reservation after 4:00 pm for the same day, please call us at 570-285-3071.

And don’t forget– every Tuesday is Buck a Shuck Night. Have $1 oysters all night long!

Still have gifts to buy on your holiday wish list? Make the season merry and bright by purchasing a Kevin’s gift card online today!

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