Posted on December 3, 2021

Is Long Island Duck Actually From Long Island?

Long Island Duck is one of the most enticing items on our menu, consisting of our scrumptious maple bourbon honey duck breast and confit leg. It’s this juicy meat that not enough people have tried yet. Of course, this dish is served with classic sides that include potatoes and seasoned vegetables. Together, they bring out the best qualities of their tastes. However, this meal is not as widespread as other traditional meats, so where does Long Island Duck on our menu originate, and is it really a duck from Long Island? Let’s explain!

Where Does the Name Come From?

To start, yes, it does come from Long Island nowadays, but it did not originate there. Back in the 1870s, 15 white Peking ducks tried to make the journey to the U.S. from China. Only four ended up surviving, landing in Connecticut where they would first be bred. That’s right, the original duck named after Long Island isn’t even from the United States, and didn’t land in the state of New York.

But this duck species would eventually travel to Long Island and lead to a boom of duck meat on the restaurant menus across the city.

What’s So Great About Ducks?

Peking ducks, or Long Island’s Peking ducks as they would eventually be known, had several qualities that made them popular with farmers in the 1900s. Ducks mature quickly, making them a food source that’s quick to breed and produce, with nearly 7.5 million ducks being produced on Long Island farms each year by the 1960s.

But their ability to grow quickly wasn’t the only reason their popularity grew. Popular chefs at restaurants across the country soon created a large market for this bird. Chefs loved this duck meat not only because of how it can stay in stock but because of how tender the meat’s flesh was. That’s why our chefs love it!

Long Island Duck Today

Now, the name is more of an ode to its history than anything. Duck farms aren’t as common on Long Island, and the Peking ducks that populated them are bred in several places across the country, not just Long Island. But as long as it’s called Long Island Duck, the excellent meal’s origins will never be forgotten.

Try Long Island Duck at Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant!

Long Island Duck is a popular entree that we have to recommend everyone try at least once. After the first bite, we don’t have to recommend it to people anymore because they ask for more! It pairs well not only with its sides but also with the other appetizers we serve with our entrees.

To get a taste of Long Island Duck, all you have to do is make a visit to Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant! We have open reservations for both indoor dining and outdoor dining with our heated igloos. It all makes for any magical evening