Posted on July 13, 2020

Pennsylvania’s Perfections

Did you know that July 20th is National Pennsylvania Day? Not to boast, but Pennsylvania is a pretty interesting state; not only was it the second state to join the Union in 1787, but one of its cities is the former United States Capital. Pennsylvania may be known for its history and landmarks, but it’s also known for something else — its food! Let’s check out the Keystone State’s best culinary contributions.

Hershey’s Chocolate

Everyone loves Hershey’s Chocolate and most Pennsylvanians know exactly where it was first created — Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Hershey Company, known simply as Hershey’s, was founded in 1894 by Milton Hershey and its headquarters are still located there, over 125 years later. The company is known not only for its chocolate, but also for several other candy brands

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were also born here; in fact, they were created by a man named Harry Burnett Reese who worked for The Hershey Company and made his confectionary treats using Hershey’s Chocolate. After he passed away, Hershey’s bought his company, H.B. Reese Candy Company, from his family and continues to make the candy today.

So, when you think of chocolate, think of Pennsylvania!

Arnold Palmer – Invented in Pennsylvania

On a hot summer day, you need something to drink to keep you cool. An Arnold Palmer, which is a beverage made of half iced tea and half lemonade, sounds like a great thirst-quencher. But where did it come from? Well, the famous golfer Arnold Palmer, for whom the drink is named, actually invented the drink in Pennsylvania! So, raise your glass and cheers for one of our favorite summer drinks.


If you’ve been to Philadelphia, there’s a good chance that you’ve enjoyed a cheesesteak. Why is that? Because Philly is the birthplace of cheesesteaks! These sandwiches consist of chopped and fried steak, cheese, and onions and are a Philadelphia staple. Eateries around the nation and even the world refer to this specific type of sandwich as a ‘Philly cheesesteak.’ Philadelphia is also known for its pretzels, however, the city cannot claim to be the birthplace as pretzels date way back to the middle ages. Maybe next time, Philly!


Once again, Philadelphia graced the world with the invention of stromboli. Invented by Italian-Americans in the mid-20th century, this classic is somewhat similar to a calzone. However, unlike a calzone, a stromboli does not contain key pizza ingredients and is shaped like a cylinder rather than a crescent. Popular ingredients include various meats, cheeses, and vegetables. 

Plan a Night Out in Pennsylvania

As we’ve learned, Pennsylvania has contributed significantly to not just the nation’s culinary industry, but the world’s. From delicious meals to sweet treats to refreshing drinks, we have it all. The next time you’re planning a night out to enjoy some of the various Pennsylvania creations, come to Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant. We may not have candy, but we promise you a sweet night out. Make your reservations here. We look forward to serving you!