Posted on March 1, 2022

Check Out Our Popular Italian Dishes!

At Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant, we like to have a diverse menu to cater to everyone’s tastes. This means putting our own twists on classic recipes all over the world, but one country has several recipes on our menu – Italy. If you’re looking for an Italian dish that will remind you of bel paese or want to eat what they do, you can do so at Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant. We have several Italian dishes among our entrees that are sure to explode with taste in your mouth.

Our Italian Dishes

Italy has a long list of recipes that date all the way back to the Roman Empire. Of course, we all know the famous ones like pizza, pasta, risotto, and a slew of seafood dishes, but there’s always more. We haven’t filled out a list with dishes you know, we wanted to give our guests a taste of what they may not have had before. So if you can’t exactly go to Italy anytime soon, here are several Italian dishes to make you feel like you are.

Pan-Roasted Bronzino

This Italian dish is made with a fish of a similar name, branzino. This fish is common in the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds Italy. The fish is known for its light and flaky taste that sets it apart from most other fish. The most similar tasting fish would have to be the sea bass or halibut, but its mildness helps it pair well with the ingredients we’ve added to it.

We’ve paired it with Italian olive tapenade, a sauce that typically goes well with seafood, basmati rice, and seasonal vegetables. It’s a full meal.

Shrimp & Scallop Sambuca

Now shrimp and scallops belong to the world, a classic pair of shellfish that you can find everywhere you go. What you can’t find everywhere is the Sambuca liquor that goes into our blush sauce. Sambuca is a colorless liquor with an Italian anise-flavoring that brings out the juicy flavor and chewy tenderness in the shrimp and scallop.

That’s not all it comes with though, as we serve the Sambuca blush sauce-covered shellfish with pappardelle pasta.


Orecchiette is an interesting Italian dish on our menu. It’s a pasta dish with its name translating to “small ears” because of the shape. No one’s sure how old this dish is, but it’s old enough to have several different recipes cultivated from several different cultures. There’s reason to believe this dish and the pasta used to make it has been around since Ancient Rome.

We wanted to distinguish ourselves from those many orecchiette recipes, so there’s a lot in this Italian dish. We combined the pasta with baby spinach, brown & white hon shimeji mushrooms, sun-dried tomato, shallots, garlic puree, and white wine sauce.

For a Quality Italian Dish, Come to Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant

Italian food is everywhere, but at Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant, you can find dishes that are more authentic and inventive than most. Here are only three entrees to preview what else we have on our menu. For indoor dining, schedule a reservation, or reserve an igloo for outdoor dining.