Posted on June 1, 2022

Pups on the Patio Every Thursday!

How often does your whole immediate family get to go out and have dinner together? You’re probably thinking somewhere along the lines of, “a few times a month,” “once a week,” or “several times a year.” We’re willing to bet that you’re wrong. How often has the whole family, from the parents to the kids and the grandparents, all gone out together… but left the poor family dog at home to eat alone? How often can you really say that the whole family got to go out and eat together when you didn’t eat with your puppies?

But then again, how many places are there where you can do that? Over the winter, nowhere. Even in the summer, when restaurants have outdoor dining, they often don’t let you bring your dog to sit, let alone provide food for them. Sadly, the best Fido has had to settle for is watching you all eat and taking your scraps if they are allowed. Not anymore.

Every Thursday this summer, weather permitting, Kevin’s Restaurant will host Pups on the Patio, an event for the entire family, especially your precious pup! Don’t leave your puppies at home anymore. Bring them to Kevin’s, where they can dine with the family. We have a special menu with dishes that both you and your dog can eat from.

All Dogs and Puppies are Welcome

When it comes to restrictions, your dogs only need to be safe around other people and other dogs. They don’t have to play with other people or other dogs. We do ask that if someone’s dog doesn’t play well with other dogs or doesn’t like to be pet, they inform others around them. If your dog is playful with strangers and other dogs, we do ask that you do not let them approach other families or dogs without asking permission. We also necessitate that all dogs are on a leash.

Our Special Pups on the Patio Menu

The puppies deserve their own food, not just our scraps. So every Thursday night, we have a special menu that has several options for them. We do list their ingredients on the physical menu so you can see if your dog can eat any of them. If you have any questions, please ask, we don’t want any dogs to eat something they shouldn’t.

  • Hairloom Pizza Pawty: This is a meal that people and dogs can share. It’s a dog-friendly cheese pizza that has a slice for the whole family. We use sliced organic heirloom tomatoes, organic basil, baby arugula, and mozzarella cheese baked on a cauliflower crust.
  • Dog Taco: This is for the puppies out there who’ve seen everyone having the time of their lives eating tacos, but never could themselves. We use several ingredients that should be safe for most dogs.
  • Mar’grr’ita Pupcake: Everyone loves cupcakes, but not everyone gets to have one. Now, those members of the family who always have to miss out–the dogs–can have cupcakes!
  • Let ‘Em Eat Carrot Cake: Dogs are carnivores, so it’s not shocking that they don’t always love vegetables like carrots. But carrot cake is a different story. Maybe they can be convinced to have vegetables in their diet when they come in the desert form.
  • Lickety-Split: This special wheat-free dog ice cream is the perfect dessert to cap off a family meal. While everyone else is treating themselves, they get one more special treat too!

While we do serve our regular menu to any hoomans who come with each puppy, we do serve special Hot Diggity Dogs for Pups on the Patio night. They’re all-beef hot dogs on potato buns, with Texas chili, spring onion, and Cooper cheese.

Eat With Your Dogs and Puppies This Thursday

Don’t leave a family member behind this Thursday night. This summer, we’re happy and ready to serve the whole family. The special dogs in our lives deserve to have a treat now and then just like us. Make a reservation online, and check out our special Pups on the Patio menu on our Facebook page to see the list of ingredients for our doggy meals.