Posted on December 27, 2019

Ring in the Roaring ‘20s with these New Year’s Resolutions

With the countdown to New Year’s in full swing, many of us will be building our list of New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you hope to get fit this year or build up your reading list, we have resolutions for you to be the best you in 2020.

Be The Healthiest You

Many of us will say get fit or lose weight as the main goal for the new year. However, setting unrealistic expectations can really bring down your self-esteem. This year, make your resolution to be the healthiest you that you can be.

Get Organized

If you are looking to spark joy into the new year, perhaps one goal will be to get organized and declutter your life. In 2019, the KonMari philosophy took the internet by storm, having many individuals declutter their lives by only keeping items that sparked joy in their hearts.

Travel More

A new year is full of adventure. If travel is part of your plans, this list of must-go locations by National Geographic is for you.

If a trip with scenic travels is on your bucket list, check out the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria. Or, if becoming one with nature is something you’ve wanted to do, visit the Białowieża Forest on the border of Belarus and Poland.

Read More

Being a well-rounded reader is not only satisfying but can come in great for small-talk with new people or trivia night. If your resolution this year is to read more, check out the list of most anticipated books for 2020.

For lovers of fiction and nonfiction alike, historical or humorous, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Spend More Time with Family And Friends

The gift of time with loved ones is valuable and precious. This year, if your resolution is to spend more time with the ones you love, be ever-present in your interactions. Being in the same room is not the same as being connected to one another.

One fun way to connect with the ones you love is by monthly game nights.

Spend Less Money

After a holiday season of spending, trying to save as much money as you can by spending less is always a productive resolution.

Business Insider offers 35 tips you can do right now to start spending less money.

Live Life to the Fullest with Kevin’s

As always, we should begin a new year with a clean slate and with the intention of living our best life.

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