Posted on March 22, 2022

What Kind of Shellfish Dishes Can You Get at Kevin’s Restaurant?

Some of the best kinds of meat you can have, shellfish are high in protein, low in calories, and low on the worst kinds of fats. But since they’re not as common as meats like chicken, beef, or turkey, we don’t enjoy them as often. So when you have a special night out, it’s a good idea to try a shellfish dish while you can. It’s the time to treat yourself, and you can treat yourself to the best shellfish dishes at Kevin’s Restaurant.

Kevin’s Shellfish Dishes

We eat two types of shellfish – crustaceans like shrimp and mollusks like oysters. To be shellfish, they need shells of some kind but where they have them is what separates them into these two types.


These shellfish usually have hard external shells covering their body and segmented limbs. Because of this, being able to take them apart for the meat has become a fun part of eating them. We serve two dishes with crustaceans – one appetizer, and one entree.

  • Shrimp Cocktail: This is a classic shrimp appetizer. The shrimp is preserved in a lemon cocktail sauce which enhances the flavor and makes it even juicier.
  • Shrimp & Scallop Sambuca: While shrimp is a classic crustacean, scallops are mollusks. Together, the two shellfish don’t have similar tastes but have chewy textures with juicy flavors that are distinguishable. They’re served with pappardelle pasta and sambuca blush sauce to bring out the flavor more.


There are over 100,000 mollusks, but we narrowed it down to three across two appetizers and an entree. Unlike crustaceans, they have few large external shells, soft external shells around their bottom, or some softshells in certain places. This makes them easier to eat, so if you don’t find breaking apart shells as fun as others, it’s much easier to get to the meat here.

  • Oysters: A shellfish dish with its shell open and ready for you to eat. They come slathered in mignonette and are preserved in a lemon cocktail sauce that we’ve found perfect for enhancing the taste of shellfish.
  • Fried Calamari: It might be shocking to know that squid is actually a shellfish and a tasty one at that. This classic appetizer is fried bits of squid in a combination of sweet & spicy tomato sauce, bell pepper sauce, and sweet chili.
  • Grilled Spanish Octopus: Even stranger, an octopus is also a shellfish like a squid. They have a chewier taste, especially after being grilled. This shellfish dish comes with fried fingerling potatoes, sweet tomato puree, paprika, and smoked olive oil.

Order a Shellfish Dish at Kevin’s Restaurant

Shellfish come in all shapes and sizes, which means they come with a bunch of different tastes too. We have several different shellfish dishes that serve a variety of tastes, with one dish even featuring two different kinds of shellfish. Come to Kevin’s Restaurant, where you can’t go wrong with the shellfish choices. Make a reservation online for indoor dining or outdoor dining in one of our igloos.