Posted on May 28, 2024

Why You Should Bring Your Furry Friend to Pups on the Patio at Kevin’s

Looking for a fun way to enjoy a meal with your furry best friend? Join us at Kevin’s for Pups on the Patio every Thursday starting May 30th! This special dining experience is perfect for dog lovers and their pets. Enjoy delicious food, beautiful scenery, and great company with your pup. Your dog will love the treats and making new friends. It’s a memorable pet friendly dining experience for both you and your four-legged companion. Relax, socialize, and create lasting memories together. Read below to see the reasons why Pups on the Patio is a must-attend event this summer!

Pet Friendly Dining

In case you didn’t know, Kevin’s is dog-friendly! Enjoy a delightful meal on our pet-friendly patio. Both you and your furry friend can savor delicious dishes in a welcoming atmosphere. Our patio is designed with comfort in mind for both pets and owners. You won’t have to leave your beloved dog at home. And not to mention, it’s a perfect way to spend quality time together in a unique way.

Special Treats for Dogs

We’ll have a variety of special treats and snacks just for your pup. Ensuring they feel as pampered and loved as you do. Our dog menu includes a special “BARK-cuterie” board full of your pups favorite snacks. Your dog will enjoy a gourmet experience alongside you. These treats and pup friendly menu are sure to make your pup’s tail wag with joy.

Socialize and Mingle

Have you been looking for a way to socialize with others who share the same love for their pet as you do? Kevin’s Pups on the Patio is the perfect way to meet other dog lovers in the community. This event also lets your dog make new furry friends too. It’s a great way for both you and your pet to socialize and have fun. Dogs love the interaction and playtime! This is a different way for you to give them an exciting evening and enjoy the time yourself as well. You’ll also enjoy meeting like-minded individuals who love their pets.

Beautiful Outdoor Setting

Kevin’s spacious patio provides a beautiful and well furnished setting. It especially allows room for your dog to have space and be in a comfortable setting. Soak up the fresh air and scenic views while spending quality time with your four-legged companion. The ambiance of eating outdoors adds to the overall dining experience. You’ll love the relaxing environment! It’s the perfect spot for a casual, enjoyable outing with your furry best friend.

Make your reservation for a night out with your pup they’ll never fur-get, visit Kevin’s website or call us at 570-285-3071 today!

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