Posted on August 5, 2023

Kids are Welcome at Kevins

Kid Friendly at Kevin’s

Did you know that Kevin’s Restaurant is kid friendly? Offering a full personalized kids menu including
items such as Barbeque Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Fingers and French Fries.


Kevin’s Restaurant is the fine dining spot to dine with your kid’s or grandkids!

The menu is given to our young guests complete with crayons as the menu is also a coloring page! For the rambunctious types, we have private rooms to accommodate but don’t worry about them fussing because Kevin’s already has an up-beat and
boisterous vibe so it’s very hard to be offended by high strung kids when you can’t hear them anyway!

So, bring the whole family for your next special occasion or stop in passing. We welcome you, and hope
to see you soon!