Posted on January 17, 2020

Ambiance Impacts Your Dining Experience

Picture this: you walk into a restaurant, greeted by the welcoming face of a hostess. You are led to a small, candle-lit table in the back of the dining room, a world of your own. From the kitchen, you can smell the intoxicating aroma of garlic and the warmth of a roast baking.

You haven’t even taken a bit of your meal yet, but already you are pleased. Relaxed almost, because of the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Studies show that the restaurant ambiance and features can greatly impact customer experience, including how likely they are to come back to your establishment.

That’s why at Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant, we are the full-package dining experience. Of course, we want you to keep coming back, but we want you to be immersed in an outing that will remain in your memories forever.

But how does ambiance impact your experience? Check out these factors by CXService360.

Background Music

Music and background noise of any kind is a large part of the dining experience. Depending on the type of dining experience like fine or casual, you may hear different music, at different times of the day.

But music isn’t the only noise you’ll hear. Sounds coming from the kitchen, bar and even the volume at which other guests are speaking can impact your evening. Studies show the type of music played will also impact what you eat and how much of it.


Did you know smell is our most emotionally linked sense? It’s true. In a TEDxTalk by perfumer Holladay Saltz, she explains that smells can trigger memories from our past, and even create new memories.

For many in the restaurant world, key scents may be the ingredients we cook with which (hopefully) smell amazing and make customers want to eat those dishes. But there are also the smells of other aspects of the establishment that matter, like out-door dining. At Kevin’s, we offer al fresco dining so you’ll experience not only the smells of delicious plates but of fresh air, flowers and the seasons.


This seems like a no brainer but for many establishments, the cleanliness and neatness of a restaurant is focused on the dining room and kitchen. But neglecting high traffic areas such as the lobby, and even the main entrance can make the customers experience less than enjoyable. Think of how many times you’ve visited a restroom in a busy chain restaurant just to wash your hands, only to be without soap, paper towels or a working hand-dryer. Even if your food was amazing, you may not want to come back.

Visuals and Lighting

Our restaurant is branded as fine dining in an upbeat and distinct atmosphere. How do we create that? Color scheme, lighting, and decor all play a role in how you experience our establishment.

Brick interior walls, balanced with paintings and photographs with mood lighting all can create this warm atmosphere that is like no other in NEPA. Not only do you get to experience creative cuisine, but a cool aesthetic while you dine.

Ready to Try Some Fine Food Cuisine?

Grab a seat at Kevin’s! Online reservations for same-day dinner service must be received before 4 p.m. In order to book a reservation after 4 p.m. for the same day, please call us at 570-285-3071.

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