Posted on November 25, 2019

Creative Cuisine Just One Perk of Dining At Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant

When you come to Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant, you can expect to enjoy a casual, fun, and creative dining experience. With a wide range of dishes by Chef Matt Gilbert, guests will have their taste buds delighted by the fresh seafood, handmade pasta, and hand-cut steaks. And don’t forget to cheers with our specialty cocktails that are featured daily. It’s no secret that our guests enjoy the cuisine. One reviewer, Faith W., had this to say: “Excellent staff, exceptional menu, and a great atmosphere. The deserts are especially creative. I had a lavender creme brulee and a basil/strawberry sorbet there that were sublime.” 

Why does creative cuisine make the dining experience? What else are guests looking for?

Fast food? Not so fast.

In an article by QSR Magazine, the change in consumerism in America has sparked a need to adapt in the restaurant industry. Gone are the days of customers wanting a plain cheeseburger on the go. Today’s guests are looking for more creative dishes that take a twist on traditional favorites.  

The occasion determines the desires.

OpenTable ran a survey asking readers what factors come into play when they pick their dining experience for certain occasions.

Respondents explained that each dining experience is unique:

  • Everyday Dining: Guests want variety in meal choices, but something that everyone can enjoy at one convenient place.
  • Date Night: These meal goers may look for something a little more diverse that allows them to continue the night with other events following the meal.
  • Business Meal: Location is key for these diners. It is often a tried and true restaurant with conservative meal choices.
  • Friends’ Get Together: Convenient location to all pals comes into play, but most guests are looking for something fun and new to try.
  • Special Occasion: For those celebrating a special event, a dining experience may cost a bit more and those guests may be willing to travel further to celebrate their event. 

#Foodie on your feed.

Some restaurant guests are looking for an Instragramable experience. With #foodies taking over the social media scene, guests will be looking for an aesthetic meal they can share at the table and online. 

Want to snap a few pictures while you’re at Kevin’s? Be sure to order our Pumpkin Butternut Squash Ravioli and Birch and Bourbon Duck.

Ready to Try Some Fine Food Cuisine?

Grab a seat at Kevin’s! Online reservations for same-day dinner service must be received before 4 p.m. In order to book a reservation after 4:00pm for the same day, please call us at 570-285-3071.

And don’t forget– every Tuesday is Buck a Shuck Night. Have $1 oysters all night long!

We look forward to serving you at all of our fine establishments:                                         

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