Posted on February 27, 2020

Clean Eating While Dining Out: Is It Possible

When it comes to dieting and fads, we’ve heard it all. The tapeworm diet, the cigarette diet, fruitarian diet, keto, low-carb, low-fat. The list goes on and on. While no diet is one size fits all, one thing we can all agree on is that clean eating is eating well. But when you are dining out, is it possible to eat clean?

The Basics

Clean eating seems like a pretty basic thing. You eat “clean.” But what does that actually mean? 

Clean eating consisted of eating more fresh foods and fewer processed or refined. While the food of convenience can be okay, the key is to look at the ingredients on the package. Ingredients you want to avoid are hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners.

You should eat for nutrients not just because. Eating regular, balanced meals and snacks made with quality ingredients is key. You may also want to try eating more plant-based foods and adapting your current habits to healthier alternatives. Be active, be mindful and try being present. 

But what happens when you have plans to dine out?

Clean Eating at Restaurants

In our busy lives with social engagements, family plans, and work outings, eating out is inevitable. But how can you eat clean while eating out? Check out these tips!

  1. Know what you’re eating. Like grocery shopping, you’ll want to know what ingredients are in the entrées you are ordering. If they are not available on your menu, ask your server.
  2. Lighter choices. Many restaurants will list gluten-free or light options on their menus. Check out what’s available to you or ask if you can make substitutions to your dish. Most restaurants will be very accommodating.
  3. Bye-bye to buns–on your burger. If you’re trying to go low-carb (maybe saving them for a delicious dessert) ask if your burger can be a lettuce wrap instead.
  4. Forgo the breading and stick with grilled. A crispy piece of fried chicken is enough to make your mouth water. But when you’re trying to eat clean, those oils can really throw you for a loop. Swap out your fried and breaded chicken with a grilled option. 

Clean Eating at Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant

At Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant, we’re all about fresh ingredients. No matter your dietary needs, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. From fresh seafood to seasonal salads and satisfying entrées, our dinner menu has something for everyone. Eating out doesn’t mean you have to omit healthy options. At Kevin’s, we pride ourselves on creative cuisine and freshness.

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