Posted on December 10, 2019

Incorporate Oysters in Your Holiday Meal

At Kevin’s, we don’t need a formal gathering to enjoy oysters. But for some, it’s a large part of the holiday meal prep. 

Interested in incorporating oysters in your holiday meal? Read on!

Oyster Casserole

A southern classic–Oyster Casserole! Southern Living magazine reports that it first shared this classic holiday dish in 1967. 

Though the recipe varied depending on where you grew up, this dish is also known as oyster dressing, oyster pie, or even scalloped oysters. The commonality? Almost all recipes will feature oysters, a creamy sauce, and a crispy topping made of Ritz Crackers, saltines, or breadcrumbs. 

Oyster Stew

You may be surprised to learn that Oyster Stew first came to America by an Irish immigrant. 

According to, the oyster craze in the United States coincided with the Irish potato famine. As many Irish individuals immigrated to America for a better life, they brought with them their Irish Catholic beliefs. One such belief was to abstain from meat on Christmas Eve. 

The traditional Irish Christmas Eve meal involved a ling fish. Families would make a stew from the fish using milk, butter, and pepper. Upon coming to America, there was no dried ling to be found. However, they did find plenty of oysters which share a similar taste to ling. 

Fried Oysters

Fried Oysters had taken prominence in the mountains way back in the day. The mountains? Yes. One blogger shares a friend’s story of how the oysters were actually part of a community voyage to trade goods during the holidays. 

News Leader reports that in the mountains, oysters are used for celebratory meals since they were difficult to acquire. Want to try them? Check out this recipe by  

Oysters and Caviar

There is nothing more luxurious than oysters and caviar to ring in the new year. 

Taste With the Eyes describes the recipe as such: “It’s a connoisseur’s dream – a fresh shucked oyster topped with crème fraîche and a generous dollop of royal ossetra caviar.”

Love oysters but don’t know how to make them?

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